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三國群英傳-霸王之業 APK MOD with unlimited money Strategy Mobile Game / App Info.

Game / App 三國群英傳-霸王之業
Category Strategy
Requirements Android 6.0+
ID com.userjoy.rte

三國群英傳-霸王之業 – 《三國群英傳-霸王之業》X CAPCOM《戰國BASARA》聯動合作確定,本次聯動破天荒的跨越千年,三國時期x戰國時期兩個戰火紛亂的時空交錯重疊,當驍勇善戰的雙方人馬碰撞在一起,會激盪怎樣的連天烽火呢?切莫錯過將戰國角色納入麾下的機會!









“Three Kingdoms-Heroes of the Overlord” X CAPCOM “Warring States BASARA” linkage cooperation is determined, this linkage spans a thousand years, and the two wars of the Three Kingdoms period x the Warring States period overlap in time and space, when the brave and warrior people collide together , What kind of continual flames will stir up? Don’t miss the opportunity to include the Sengoku role under your command!

“Three Kingdoms Heroes-Overlord’s Industry” Official Fan Group
Join the fan club immediately to get the latest news

“The Heroes of the Three Kingdoms” is the first strategy mobile game of the heroes of the Three Kingdoms. Players can have their own city in the historical Three Kingdoms constructed by exquisite art; through the construction of inner cities, recruiting soldiers and horses, searching for military generals, and displaying strategies, etc. Improve your strength, build your own three-nation hegemony, and interpret the rise of the princes of one party. The game uses first-class artistic performance, three-dimensional and comprehensive strategic dimensions, rich sand table simulation management methods, and characteristic military commander dispatching methods to bring players a real experience of the three kingdoms.

The most diverse strategy gameplay:
Expansion of territories, attacking cities, overlords of the world, fighting against the confucianists, attacking the Yellow Turban, trial of the imperial city, resource expropriation, killing enemies on the battlefield, battle of factions, reward of the emperor, battle of heroes, Lu Bu, battle of Jingzhou, battle for hegemony, and peace Vanguard of chaos, resist the Xiongnu, the Silk Road, fall into the city, rule over the world, annihilate the Tieyiwei, the unification of Kyushu, foreign barbarian invasion, the battle of border bridges, the battle of unity.

King’s Landing: The Three Kingdoms Reappears
Ink-style realistic style, magnificent interior view of the city, magnificent world map, panoramic view of Hanfeng landscape, end-tourism-level realistic painting style and unique 3D visual effects to create a top three-nation battle feast for the master.

Strategic deduction: strategizing, winning a thousand miles away
You cannot reproduce what happened in the last second, and you cannot predict what will happen in the next second. You must expand infinitely with limited resources and accept challenges from all directions.

Internal affairs management: town state and people, provide payment, endless food
The perfect combination of simulation management and battlefield strategy gameplay presents a more realistic world of the Three Kingdoms. Only Anai can overcome the outside world and maintain a balance between one and one relaxation to seek the most efficient way to the king.

Unparalleled generals: even millions of people, the battle will win, the attack must be taken
Simulate the most realistic battlefield of the Three Kingdoms, sweep through thousands of troops to become an emperor, siege the city and conquer the land, and move towards the goal of becoming the master of a state and the head of a county, swallowing thousands of miles, the next overlord is you.

Alliance confrontation: sending out the Quartet to join forces
The unity is great, and the Three Kingdoms are not played alone! Only teamwork can defeat the enemy and win! Thousands of people are fighting fiercely to show off their edge, advance and retreat with allies, and jointly create the overlord industry.

※Because the plot of this game involves fighting, attacking and other images that are not bloody, it is classified as auxiliary 12 levels according to the game software classification management method.
※This game is free to use, and there are also paid services such as purchasing virtual game coins and items.
※Please pay attention to the game time and avoid obsessing.
《三國群英傳-霸王之業》X CAPCOM《戰國BASARA》聯動合作

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