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Game 修真江湖:凡人修仙
Category Word
ID com.swordgame.immortalworld

修真江湖:凡人修仙 – 壹朝入道修坤乾,兩瓢濁酒盡余歡。




=============== 遊戲特色 ==============












Sui dynasty into the road to repair Kun, dry, two scooped wine to spare.

The front edge is a thing of the past, and the current robbery is natural.

Human law, earth law, heaven and law, the Tao is natural. The number of life is illusory, and it is better to break through the sky.

This comprehension book can let you experience a different life. You can appreciate the servant of a silent and unnamed sect, and gradually grow into a sect. You then incite the entire process of comprehension. And this does not require the liver, as long as it takes a little time to hang up.
=============== Game Features ==============

1. Full automatic hang up

Do you hang up? What are you still mining, what are you still trying to blame. Not all here is needed. The mine is automatically produced. It is strange that you eat, sleep, and watch the video. Unconsciously, you will get the Millennium and become a great god. And all of this you only need to occasionally collect resources and experience the key course of the game!

2. Free combination of exercises

Many sects have their own characteristics, and they all have their own forbidden towns. You can do it all. The career of the robbery is the same, and the results are different. As a generation of Xiu Xianjie, you are a combination of swordsmanship, defense, or master of control, or Xuanyuan Jianxian of Xianming, how to combine these exercises freely!

3. Rich game content

Dongfu develops and produces various resources. Three major copies (regular, plot, secret) waiting for you to challenge. Slanting the back of the sword, you can travel the world, all kinds of adventures. You can visit famous teachers, learn Taoism, do tasks, visit forbidden places, and retreat to practice. I can make alchemy in my spare time, and I will use the weapon of the gods for my time. Why not live fast!

4. Original comprehension plot

There is not only gameplay, but also stories. The head, the younger sister, the master, all kinds of characters, will accompany you through the long road of cultivation! You will experience the hardships of the market, how much love and hate, and the joys and sorrows are presented to you. The spiritual world is still the Netherland, and your choice will affect the future!

5. Original Xianmeng
Self-cultivators gather themselves outside the door to form Xianmeng. The purpose is naturally to help each other and to cultivate together!


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