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在茜色世界與君詠唱-穿越歷史的戀愛物語 APK MOD with unlimited money Simulation Mobile Game / App Info.

Game / App 在茜色世界與君詠唱-穿越歷史的戀愛物語
Category Simulation

在茜色世界與君詠唱-穿越歷史的戀愛物語 – ◆全球 300 萬名女性玩家支持,完成任務送「十一連抽召喚券」、與五星「織田信長」相遇








◆Supported by 3 million female players around the world, complete the task to send “Eleventh Draw Summoning Ticket”, and meet the five-star “Oda Nobunaga”
◆Million-character script, the only love that begins from the historical torrent of this different world

Immerse yourself in the match-3 gameplay of Japanese seiyuu charmingly talking about the atmosphere of love
Across the river-drama-like indigo sky
We agreed to delineate a bond deeper than love

Highly rated among female players
The latest masterpiece of the development team of the well-known Japanese mobile game “Dream Kingdom and 100 Princes”!
Female players in Taiwan and Japan are highly praised – Facebook community, Plurk, Bahamut and other communities have a high degree of discussion!

※Game Features※
◆Rich plot and love fetters◆
Thousands of rich plots, travel through history, beautiful illustrations and Japanese voice performances – the ending of the story is yours to choose!

◆Simple and refreshing match-3 mode◆
Enjoy the game of bead-matching without time limit, and you can turn on your phone to continue fighting at any time!

■Recommended to the following you! ■
・You who like Sengoku history games!
・You who like Japanese male voice actors (game voice)!
・You who like anime novels (traveling, Onmyoji, The Tale of Genji…)!
・You who like otome games/women-oriented games!
・You who like love development games!
・You who like match-3 games!
・You who like casual games!
・You who like historical figures such as the end of the bakumo, Shinsengumi, and writers!
・You who like Japanese elements (swords, monsters, phantom beasts, etc.)!
・You who like to make love memories with beautiful men!

※Game Story※
You who traveled from reality to another world “Rising of the Sun”,
It will be accompanied by famous Japanese historical figures: Takasugi Shinsaku, Abe Seimei, Okita Soji, Oda Nobunaga and other Yueyong men,
Let’s fight together against the evil monster “Shikigami” that threatens humanity.

In this world where the sun no longer rises, only night and dark sky remain,
“You” is no longer an ordinary girl,
It is the “Sun Miko” who can sing congratulatory words and save her friends, the world, and her loved ones…

※Game Information※
Official website:
Fan Club:
Customer service mailbox:
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