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Game / App 最强蜗牛
Category Role Playing
Requirements Android 4.1+
ID com.qcplay.snail.oversea.gz

最强蜗牛 – 这是一款拥有放置元素的收集养成游戏,也是披着游戏外衣的大型情景喜剧,玩家将扮演一只弱小的蜗牛,通过自身努力最终超越包括人类在内的所有种族,成为最强生物的故事。





This is a collection and development game with placement elements. It is also a large-scale sitcom in the game. The player will act as a weak snail. Through his own efforts, he will eventually surpass all races including humans and become the strongest creature. story.
Friendly reminder: The content of the plot is extremely sand-sculpted, please do not drink water without authorization before eating.

【Featured Play】
For: Players who like the plot
1. Strictly speaking, “The Strongest Snail” is not only a game, but also a playable story. Any function in the game, whether it is a common function or a special function, will tell a story and is very integrated into the entire system and world view. Every detail is a complete presentation of the entire story.
2. Main storyline + black soul fragmented narrative style
3. Utopian plot, divided into surface world and inner world
4. Watch the world: well-made cutscenes, easy to understand the basic plot
5. The inner world view: the plot and the world view are clues. We bury everything in this world in every corner. Even if it is a trivial prop, there is a magical story. You can understand the basic plot without watching it, but carefully If you study, you will find high energy.

For: casual players
1. It is essentially a placement game, where most of the copy clearance and resource output depend on hanging up
2. Easy to use, all operations can be completed with one hand, and the other hand can do something else
3. Speaking seriously, the passion collision between old scholars and sand sculpture netizens
4. There are a lot of knowledge points in the game, you can learn by the way (learning scum can be ignored)
5. More than 400 kinds of valuables illustrated book, absolutely satisfy the collection addiction
6. Business dynamic small nest: constantly producing food, nurturing tadpoles, evolving vending machine, a cat that grows uglier, and occasionally some flying birds and some strange people come as guests with gifts. Don’t leave them in the cold

For: Hardcore player
Dungeon: Super-high brain hole copy design, encyclopedia of mobile gameplay, high energy throughout the whole process
1. Eight countries and regions, each country has a different gameplay-Fusang Ninjutsu, Huaxia’s generals card, American hero match, British naval battle, Erota defense, Greek domain dressing…
2. Every country has three different copies of the present, past and future, which is absolutely unexpected
3. Every country will have a corresponding God’s Domain, where the Demon God will defeat them.
4. Growth within a copy: Each copy has a unique growth system
5. Random events, the unknown next second may be a surprise or a fright
6. Fight with the apostles and meet a partner who will give birth to you
7. Different power systems for different copies

1. Five dimensions of realism: culture, art, belief, technology, popularity. Culture accomplishes destiny, art determines pattern, faith represents will, technology changes the future, popularity has…hot search.
2. Evolution: body evolution, predator system evolution, brain domain evolution, neuron evolution, visual evolution. Every detail evolves, in addition to changing various abilities, you can also change the appearance. You can become a beautiful snail through different focuses, and you can also become a bald strong with rain and dew.
3. Mutation: Angels, demons, zombies…Different mutated forms have different abilities
4. Collection of valuables: more than 400 valuables, each with a unique attribute

For: Old Dungeon Story Player
1. There are many hidden elements: hidden weapons arsenal, sealed rockets, basements full of spiders
2. Have a very complete collection and cultivation elements
3. Easter eggs are still the main body of the game
4. There is a personal computer in the game: mini games 99 in one, 2048, city puzzle, Tetris…, they are hidden in the world, find them and install them in your computer, you can play at any time

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