Flag Quiz Gallery: Quiz, Guess Flag 1.0.261 APK MOD (UNLIMITED Coin/MONEY)


Flag Quiz Gallery: Quiz, Guess Trivia with Latest Version (APK + MOD + Emulator for window PC) Download

Flag Quiz Gallery Quiz Guess Flag 1.0.258 APK MOD UNLIMITED CoinMONEY

Game/App Flag Quiz Gallery: Quiz, Guess
Category Trivia
Requires 6.0
Size (APK + MOD + Emulator) Various

Detail of Flag Quiz Gallery: Quiz, Guess Mobile/PC Game/App

Version New
Users 9+
Install 100,000+
Rating 4.2
PlayStore ID fill.color

“”Flag Quiz Gallery: Quiz, Guess”” Mobile Game – Do you discover your country flag in the many and many flags symbol? Can you imagine how many colors a flag? This flag discovery will advise you to recognize all signals of the national flag of many countries over the world in various ways. This game is called Vexillology for everyone :
All flags quiz in this flag game:

* Summary of game modes:
1 ➜ Fill color: Paint of flag by using flag colors to make the correct flag
2 ➜ Fill Name: put in the missing character
3 ➜ Flag Voice: Correct pronunciation to speak flag english of the flag name
4 ➜ Guess Country: Guess correct countries flag
5 ➜ Guess the flag: Guess the country name or regions, islands of the flag
6 ➜ Wrong color: Guess the wrong color of the flag
7 ➜ Guess the correct country name of the partially obscured flag

I. The simple flag of the world countries as the flag quiz collections :
– Fill color quiz or Flag coloring: select the appropriate flag colors to fill it into the correct place to become a correct flag of the visible country.
– Guess character quiz :
Select the good character to become a complete country name of the seeing flag
– Guess a flag in 4 flags:
Choose from the mind a flag for provided country name
– Guess countries :
Choose in your memory a country name on the front of a flag.
– Guess wrong color quiz :
Tap on the incorrect color in list colors, thinking on each touching.
– Expertise of memory flag :
More difficult than the above quiz style, imagine corrected flag name by touching on the not full visible flag.
– Quiz voice command :
Use your voice to speak correct the flag, have to the English language to speak as standard voice. If you can not speak English please ignore this mode
II. Quiz mode :
– Test random and challenge flag :
Challenge your mind about everything of flags and compare to other players, session stop when touching on not correct of your picked answer, by playing this mode user improve the responsive speed of your mind.
– Learn flag type :
Practice is helping users remember all the information about the flag that there is no pressure, if you complete all the training packages, then you are the master flag puzzle.
A flag is a symbol that representation of a country, when we think about a flag we imagine a lot of things includes humans, society, history, and even the economy. The flag will connect people to closer the same nation.
This trivia flag is developed to serve any gender any age over the world and useful to learn flag purposes, training flags,s and compare scores to others.
Everything about flag quiz trivia that has ever available will be integrated into this game.
A lot of useful information is waiting for you to discover.
It is a flag quiz world

If you would like to see this app translated into your language, please email us.

Support and Feedback:
If you have any technical problems please email us at clstudio.info.applications@gmail.com

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