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Ice Scream Scary Ice cream Man Arcade with Latest Version (APK + MOD + Emulator for window PC) Download

Ice Scream Scary Ice cream Man 0.5 APK MOD UNLIMITED CoinMONEY

Game/App Ice Scream Scary Ice cream Man
Category Arcade
Requires 5.0
Size (APK + MOD + Emulator) Various

Detail of Ice Scream Scary Ice cream Man Mobile/PC Game/App

Version New
Users 2+
Install 100,000+
Rating 2.8
PlayStore ID

“”Ice Scream Scary Ice cream Man”” Mobile Game – Experience the thriller adventure in the most Scary Horror Game of 2023 and reveal the identity of the scary ice cream man in Ice Scream Freaky Clown: Horror Neighborhood…! Are you ready to reveal the true evil – the scary killer ice scream whose name is Jod? Are you able to solve all the puzzles that are waiting for you on the path to get escape in these horror mystery stories? You have to play hide and seek with that scary monster and go through all the hard quests in order to survive in scary games! A brand new game with a horror theme of horror ice cream man in this ice cream truck games of ice scream neighbor game. In this horror adventure, the ice-cream seller of the rod truck ice-cream game 3d has come to the neighborhood for selling the ice scream. He has kidnapped your friend in neighboring house of your horror game city and neighbor Lee. He sneaks at night, looks for easy prey with his scary evil eyes, and grabs them when no one is around.

The ice scream jod is so sneaky that no one has ever heard anyone screaming when he attacks his prey. Kids named this scary ice cream man “ice scream: Freaky Clown ice cream man” and still remains the biggest mystery. He has kidnapped your best friend and is about to go with him somewhere in his van. What if there are more other innocent children like him? So are you prepared for an adventure to fight with Ice Scream: Freaky Clown Horror Neighborhood? All you know is he takes them into his ice cream truck, and go to his office, but you know where they go after that and how you can find them in this best horror game of ice scream freaky clown.

The secret of missing kids terrorized the scary neighbor and it continued to spread horror in the hearts of the innocent kids in town. One terrifying night sakura was hanging out to grab some ice cream. She went inside the shop and on his way back she saw the ice scream Scary Clown was Kidnapping his friend Lee. His heart was palpitating due to the fear of losing her friend. This creepy ice cream man game, horror game, and scary game are scary ice cream man in this Ice scream scary neighbor game name is Jod & Jod seems to be very friendly towards kids and selling his stuff in his ice cream truck. He has an evil plan in his mind to kidnap the innocent kids of the town. This is a very interesting game, an adventure game and a horror game of ice scream game. This scary Ice Scream Freaky Clown: the undead scary neighbor game is what you need.

You have to complete different challenges against scary clown ice scream neighbor. You’ve to steal his ice cream truck and run for your life and released your friend Lee from scary ice scream clown. Remember the scary clown: ice cream man is very clever and active and he can see you easily in this scary Ice Scream Freaky Clown: Horror Neighborhood. Ready to play this new horror theme scary game is about a kidnapper who is a bad Ice cream man, who uses a creepy ice cream truck to kidnap kids and take them to his crazy ice cream truck, you have to spy on it and see what’s bad ice man are doing in this ice scream scary neighbor game and kill him and rescue innocent kids from the horror cage.

You have to save your best friend from this scary ice cream man names Jod. Do not make noise even pin sound and be careful because real scary neighbor ice scream clown might see or hear you and will kill you. Keep your eyes open and use cover of kennel to hide from his deadly attack to stay alive. Try to track him from the back, otherwise, it will find, scare and kill you! The horror ice scream uses some sort of superpower in this horror adventure game to steal his ice cream truck.

What can you do in this scary game?

★ Jod will listen to all your movements, but you can hide and deceive him
★ Move to different places with his van and discover all its secrets.
★ Solve puzzles to rescue your neighbor friend from the clutches of this terrifying enemy. Action is guaranteed!

Note: This game is free to play and contains ads

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