Privacy Policy


Our updated privacy policy describes how we collect data, use and how to manage privacy settings options and access your data about us and delete your account. Try to protect the privacy of users on the internet. We believe that protecting the privacy of the network not only But increasing the confidence of customers But also increase the confidence of customers and conduct online activities The purpose of our guide is to inform you about the information we collect when you visit our website and how we may disclose that information to everyone, to anyone and to your choices. Https:// provides many of the benefits of internet technology and provides a personal and interactive experience.

Your confirmation
By installing, installing or using your mobile device or browser, including future users and your personal information, you agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this privacy policy. Service. Please note: If you or your legal guardian disagree with any of the provisions set forth here, you should not use the login and / or install, delete from the phone. Hold your phone immediately or enter the application using a browser / app. No sign, no call, no service.

What information do we collect?
Information that you provide directly to us
If you register with us (Such as date of birth, username, avatar, password, and email address);
Information you provide in community conversations or social media posts We see this information as part of public property.
Service. If you report a problem with our service or app, the information you provide us

Information we collect when you use our services or apps (Whether you register with us)
Information about your location, device type, operating system, and platform
Mobile device identifier device (Unique device code (“MAC”), international mobile device identifier (“IME”, operating system, and device name)
Computer browser information, operating system version, network deployment time and device ID information generated, distributed MAC address, reference source and IP address
You visit our plan and the time it takes to plan
Facebook APK software, friends, contacts, sign in with your Google name, user ID, gender, location (specific country and / or city), email address, date of birth, and information in your third party account. You can manage the information that these third parties share with you by adjusting your settings with privacy settings provided by third parties. We will try to make this item as transparent as possible. But there may be other information that we may collect when we gather the importance of reading this privacy policy.

How do we use your information?
We may use your information in the following ways:
To provide programs and related sites and to continuously improve their capabilities
To save your work history
Desk and support service
To customize existing programs
To make sure you comply with our requirements
Control any chat messages
Improve applications, analyze and report benefits, and provide technical assistance or answers to your questions This includes using data to identify policy errors and we provide information about such interruptions. (We may use that information from third parties):
Alert messages or messages to notify you that you have received something
Especially for social integration with Facebook
To refine your experience
Touch the suggestion to send the app. (You can go to your device’s settings section and choose whether to ignore it or not.)
To provide services and other applications that may be of interest to you
Fraud and crime prevention
Created with Facebook or Google for marketing purposes.

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