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Smash Quest Puzzle with Latest Version (APK + MOD + Emulator for window PC) Download


Game/App Smash Quest
Category Puzzle
Requires 4.4
Size (APK + MOD + Emulator) Various

Detail of Smash Quest Mobile/PC Game/App

Version New
Users 0+
Install 50,000+
Rating 0
PlayStore ID com.sharktotz.Button

“”Smash Quest”” Mobile Game – Introducing Smash Quest, the ultimate explosive adventure that will test your accuracy, precision, and strategic aiming skills!
Take aim and embark on a quest like no other, where hitting collecting keys is the key to victory and earn coins.

Additional levels coming soon!

Gameplay Highlights:

– Target-Smashing Madness: Take on the challenge of hitting various targets to open chests filled with coins. Sharpen your aim, adjust your trajectory, and master the art of precision smashing.
– Engaging Challenges: Test your skills with a variety of engaging challenges designed to push your aiming abilities to the limit. Overcome obstacles, hit moving targets, and prove yourself as the ultimate smashing champion.
– Achievements and Rewards: Unlock achievements as you progress through the game, showcasing your smashing skills and earning exclusive rewards. Collect trophies, medals, and special bonuses for your outstanding performances.
– Multiplayer Mayhem: Challenge your friends or compete against players from around the world in thrilling multiplayer matches. Show off your smashing prowess and climb the global leaderboards to assert your dominance.

What Makes Smash Quest Unique?

– Alpha Stage Sneak Peek: Experience the excitement of being among the first to play Smash Quest as we unveil its initial features. Enjoy early access to the game and witness its evolution with regular updates and new content.
– Polished Gameplay Mechanics: Immerse yourself in a seamless gameplay experience, carefully crafted to deliver smooth controls, satisfying feedback, and captivating visuals.
– Growing Feature Set: Stay tuned for future updates that will introduce new levels, challenges, game modes, and exciting enhancements based on player feedback and preferences.

Important Information:

– In-Game Purchases: Enhance your smashing journey with optional in-game purchases, unlocking exclusive power-ups, cosmetic upgrades, and additional content to amplify your gameplay experience.
– Alpha Stage Disclaimer: Please note that not all features and game modes may be available during the alpha stage. Your feedback and suggestions are invaluable in shaping the final version of Smash Quest.
– Internet Connection: Smash Quest requires an internet connection to access multiplayer features, global leaderboards, and receive timely updates. Standard data charges may apply.
– Suitable for All Ages: Smash Quest is a family-friendly game suitable for players of all ages. Enjoy the smashing action in a safe and entertaining environment.

Join the smashing sensation and embark on the thrilling journey of Smash Quest. Aim true, hit your targets, and become the ultimate smashing champion!
Download now and unleash your aiming skills in this one-of-a-kind adventure.

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